Supported Devices & Browsers

We want to make SIRIUS as easy as possible. Inviting people to your room, doesn't require logins or downloads. Whether computer, tablet or smartphone - SIRIUS works on any device connected to the internet.

Desktop & Laptop Computers 

The great thing about being entirely browser-based is that we're able to support any operating system that's capable of running one of our supported browsers. 

Whether it's MacOS, Linux, or Windows, we've got you covered as long as you run an up-to-date and supported browser!

Operating Systems

Because SIRIUS is browser-based it is important that you have an operating system that can access the latest version of your browser. Below are the oldest operating systems that we can still provide support for:

  • Windows: Windows 7 and later
  • Mac: MacOS 10.10 and later
  • Linux: Any x64 based system


All browsers listed here have full support for SIRIUS and deliver the best user experience:

We support the latest versions of all these browsers. So if you have problems, try to update your browser (usually you can update the browser under Settings > About). As soon as we support more future browsers, we will update this article accordingly.

Mobile Devices

SIRIUS is optimized for the use with a desktop PC or laptop and is best operated there. However, we have also developed a mobile version for SIRIUS which is compatible for all smartphones and tablets. The only feature that is currently missing on mobile devices is the ability to share audio/screen. 

iOS Devices

On iPhones / iPads, please use the Safari browser on iOS version 13.1 or later. Enter the room URL in the Safari browser as usual and join the video session.

Note: Due to a bug from Apple with iOS version 14.2, please update your iPhone / iPad to the latest iOS version. 

Android Devices

On Android devices, please use the Chrome browser. Enter the room URL in the Safari browser as usual and join the video session.

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