Troubleshoot Screen Sharing Issues

Browser screen sharing permissions


At the moment Chrome doesn't have any specific settings related to screen access, so if you're running into problems or getting an error go to the Operating System Permissions area for further troubleshooting.


When you first use screen sharing in Firefox, you'll see a pop up that asks if you'd like to allow SIRIUS to access your screen

If you initially clicked Don't Allow, Firefox won't show this prompt again when you try to share your screen and won't show any sharing options. In this case, you'll need to manually reset permissions for screen access by doing the following:

  1. Click the "Site information" area, just to the left of the website address
  2. Locate the "Share the Screen" item in the list, and click the "X" next to it
  3. Refresh the page, and click the Share button in the bottom toolbar to re-prompt the screen sharing notification

Operating System Permissions


For devices using MacOS Catalina or newer, Apple has introduced system-level permissions for accessing screen sharing. If you've recently updated or upgraded your device and can't screen share anymore, you'll need to update the preferences by doing the following:

  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac
  2. Click Security and Privacy section
  3. Scroll down to the Screen Recording section, and ensure that your browser is ticked
  4. After doing this, fully quit your browser and re-open it so the new permissions are applied


At the moment Windows doesn't have any system-level permissions for screen access, so if you're running into problems or getting an error, double-check your browser settings.

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