Room Toolbar

When you're in a SIRIUS room, you have a number of different options that are available in the room’s toolbar at the bottom of the screen. These options allow you to do things like temporarily mute your mic or cam, using metronome. This is also where features like screen sharing can be accessed.

There are keyboard shortcuts (⌨️) that allow you to navigate the SIRIUS toolbar without using your mouse.
  • Settings - SIRIUS room settings 
  • Cam - Disable or enable your camera  ⌨️ V
  • Mic - Disable or enable your microphone ⌨️ M
  • Sound - Plays a sound to check your sound settings ⌨️ X
  • Metronome - Press the Metronome button to show or hide the integrated Metronome
  • Tuner - Press the Tuner button to show or hide the integrated Tuner
  • Share - Share your screen with participants in the room ⌨️ P
  • View - Switch the layout of your screen ⌨️ G
  • Chat - Open the Chat pane to type to other participants in the room. You can also hover over the button to access Reactions ⌨️ C
  • Add - Open the Add button to share your invitation link
  • End - Leave the SIRIUS room

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